The Worst Time For Internet

Well I see all my work on the internet has been destroyed. Why do the banks have the right to pull all the peoples work to bits ? Maybe it is because they have the power to destroy and not listen to what they are told, they are in a position of trust and we are the fools that allow them to go ahead and do things without our permission, so they think they have the right because we have already agreed to them changing their terms and conditions.6c7263b83c7e54164141ffa449113345

My Crazy Brain

Hello every one this is me back to do a post and here is hoping that you will enjoy it.Today we had a visit from the owners of our house they wanted to replace some of the broken paving in our drive. They ended up just replacing one paving stone, mind you the front garden is in a hell of a mess. Will have to do something about it soon or they will chuck us out. Below this you will find a banner for the ever popular Brand Me Tool.